The Daily Chess League
4 серп. 2022 р.
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where is may the fork be with u?
Aug 24, 2022
Aug 24, 2022
Well at least @wickedclickboom is super admin he can make matches and make people coord
Aug 24, 2022
yeah, the club had promise
Aug 24, 2022
He just dissapeared.
Monthly Slow Chess Championships!

Monthly Slow Chess Championships!

maytheforkbewlthy0u | 9 серп. 2022 р.
Once a month, a special daily chess tournament will take place. The time control will be 3 days so that the tournament doesn't last to long. Not only will the winner receive the title of "player of the month", but they will also receive points. A certain number of points can lead to admin roles and membership prizes! More details on this will be posted later. Invites have been sent to all members of this club. If you joined the club after I sent the invites, you can join here: https://www.che...
New Club Logo & Banner!

New Club Logo & Banner!

maytheforkbewlthy0u | 8 серп. 2022 р.
We now have a new club banner and logo! Here's the club banner if you want to put it in your profile:  Here is a closer look at our new logo: @fieronpizza created the logo and banner! Great job! - @maytheforkbewlthy0u
Win a 1 Month Gold Membership by competing in daily matches!

Win a 1 Month Gold Membership by competing in daily mat...

maytheforkbewlthy0u | 7 серп. 2022 р.
The Daily Match Top Player by the end of August wins a 1 month gold membership!  If you like daily chess and you don't have a membership, this is the chance for you! Every daily match has a time control of 3 days or above!  Good luck! - @maytheforkbewlthy0u
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