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  • Chess Mentor Demo

    Середній рейтинг: 1465
    This is a demo of the Chess Mentor product. We have put together a random selection of lessons from all our popular courses.
  • Start Me at the Very Beginning

    Середній рейтинг: 493
    "Start Me at the Very Beginning" does exactly that. We begin with "How to move the pieces" and progress through capturing and some basic rules.
  • Squares and Rules

    Середній рейтинг: 791
    "Square and Rules" begins with a number of examples designed to get the student thinking about the squares that pieces "cover". We then present the special rules of chess.
  • Basic Checkmates and More

    Середній рейтинг: 719
    "Basic Checkmates and ...." presents some of the most common checkmating patterns and a few other basic concepts.
  • Endings, Openings, a Taste of the Middle

    Середній рейтинг: 1165
    "Endings, Openings, a Taste of the Middle" begins with some endgame basics and proceeds to an in-depth coverage of king and pawn endings. We have also thrown in some opening challenges.
  • Critical Challenges

    Середній рейтинг: 1807
    Challenges by GM's W. Browne, N. de Firmian & Afi Staff This module contains a sampling of challenges produced by various members of Aficionado's staff, shareholders, and endorsers including GM Walter Browne, GM Nick de Firmian, IM John Donaldson, FM Mike Arne, and NM Art Wang.
  • Chess Potpourri

    Середній рейтинг: 1646
    This module with 100 challenges has something for everyone. FM Craig Mar includes some opening traps, endgames, combinations, and positional challenges. Many of the challenges are at the intermediate level (USCF or Elo ratings between 1300 and 2000) and many are at the expert and master (USCF or Elo rating above 2000) level. Mar chooses positions from many sources including his own games as well as GM's, IM's, and also amateurs.
  • Master Your Technique

    Середній рейтинг: 1631
    This module contains 50 rich and thoroughly analyzed lessons. The majority of these lessons focus on complex middlegame positions, the art of transition from the middlegame to the ending, and on endings themselves. This course is aimed at all players from the intermediate level to masters. Experts and Masters (FIDE and USCF Ratings over 2000) will not find these challenges easy. Many of the lessons will be hard for the intermediate player, but they will learn a bit more with each attempt until they...
  • Build Your Technique

    Середній рейтинг: 1463
    Build Your Technique - FM Thomas Wolski. Wolski follows his popular "Master Your Technique" with this new course which contains less difficult material. "Build Your Technique" is aimed at players with USCF or Elo ratings between 1200 and 1600, although some of the later challenges will not be easy for 1800 to 2000 rated players. The 110 challenges include some openings, middlegames, endgames, and a lot of tactics. This course is designed to enhance the overall understanding of chess for an intermediate...
  • Improve Your Decision Making in Critical Positions

    Середній рейтинг: 1636
    Every game you play presents many different challenges. You constantly need to make decisions - what to do (to attack, to defend, improve ...), where (K-side, center, a-file etc...), and how (advance, move away, trade, sacrifice etc...). How do you make these decisions?? Let IM Igor Khmelnitsky, famed author of " Chess Exam And Training Guide: Rate Yourself And Learn How To Improve" show you how! You will have an opportunity to see how well you could answer these questions (i.e. find the moves),...
  • Mental Domination

    Середній рейтинг: 1755
    Much has been made of psychology in chess, but rarely have I seen anything about how one player can get inside his opponent's head and make him accept a false image of what's really happening on the chessboard. And, once you buy into your opponent's version of reality, defeat isn't far away. This course is all about making an opponent accept your "orders", while also showing you how you can avoid the same fate by not falling for this kind of subliminal illusion. How often does this kind of thing...
  • Play Against Lasker

    Середній рейтинг: 1561
    Dear chess friend, In this lesson we will continue discussion about the critical positions. Just to refresh your memory, I'd like to re-emphasize the following critical steps of your decision making that are necessary to succeed in chess: 1. Recognizing the critical position (i.e. your opponent has created a threat or the one when you have an opportunity to create or execute a threat). 2. Spend time and assess such situation properly and come up with quality move-candidates. 3. Come up with...
  • Improve your Chess

    Середній рейтинг: 2090
    Hello, my name is Sam Shankland and I designed this Chess Mentor course for players who are already strong and looking to improve their game further. In this course, I will guide you through real scenarios that I found myself in involving tactics, positional play, technique, and many other parts of the chess game. In some of the positions, I played correctly, and in some I did not. There is no specific part of the game I focus on, as to win at chess against strong players it is usually required to...
  • Pawn Play

    Середній рейтинг: 1740
    Pawn play is a vast subject. In this course we're going to cover its most typical - and some atypical - aspects. Some puzzles will focus on tactics, others on strategy. A few of the ideas covered: Strong and weak pawns; the overall pawn structure; understanding how the characteristic pawn formations of various openings determines the middlegame plan; the fight for the center; pawns attacking and defending the King; advanced passed pawns, etc. etc. One final note: Even the slightest change in the...
  • Clever Escapes from Common Mating Attacks

    Середній рейтинг: 1560
    Raise the shields! Most players would rather attack than defend - but if you want to take your game to the next level, you must learn the art of defence. Developing solid defensive skills will improve your understanding of chess - and your rating. What is the key to success? To be unbreakable, you must be familiar with thematic mating attacks. This course will give you ideas and tricks every tournament player needs to defend against checkmate. Learn to frustrate your attackers and win more games!
  • Bent the Great

    Середній рейтинг: 2088
    Allow me the pleasure to introduce my favorite player in this mentor course. Bent Larsen (1935 - 2010) was one of the best players of the twentieth century and enriched the chess treasury with his many wonderful games. Enjoy the original and beautiful ideas of one of the greatest fighters ever! (And if you're interested in recent analysis of Larsen's famous first move 1.b3, check out our January Bulletin! http://www.chess.com/article/view/the-masters-bulletin-january-2014)

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