I am a 15 year old video game developer taking a break from developing, and school as an AP student and trying chess out, so far its been pretty fun, I will try my best to give my best fight regardless of me winning or not or even having a quite important piece removed for example a queen, I will always play to the end, so expect a hard fight! Me being an AP student I can surely think of any logical way to checkmate you, I may be a beginner but I will pack a punch, whether it me with my aggressive attacks or cold and calculated plans, regardless I plan a fun time for both me and you

If you are interested in playing a game with me then please DM me I will definitely try to find some time to do a game or two!

I actually have started teaching a friend of mine and actually decided to start coaching, I'm not the best at it and I am not the best at chess obviously but I do have a few plans based on skill level, it will hopefully work, currently I have two students, please contact me if you want to discuss about coaching you for absolutely no cost via my email:


I took on a FM with a FIDE score of 2100, it was an intense battle and I did decent considering I took out a lot of pieces from the game early on, got some good positions at times, I felt like I tried my best, and most importantly had fun.  I wear this battle with pride and I always look back on it to see if I can find ways to improve


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