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I am the biggest Magnus Carlsen chess enthusiast you have ever seen.

I love making Gifted chess Tournament because it lets me show you how beautiful chess really is.

I changed my name... and Why?
It's because all day long, members of think i am Magnus Carlsen and send me PM and chat.
 I feel bad for Magnus Carlsen that he's barely comes here. Magnus Carlsen is not online here on so I guess, everyone understands that I'm not him. Magnus and I have one thing in common, We are both successful in each of our fields and I am actually a big Magnus Fan, that is probably what has made many people disappointed that I say I am not him and I do not want to be compared to him either and I do not have time to spend daily and tell ya'll that I am not him.

I have been the number 1 TopGifter on since 2014 when I was also top gifter on all my previous accounts which I closed myself. My last username was @GM_Magnus_Kingdom(now changed to current one) and @Hilddea was the previous one before that. I am only a "hard working Norwegian number 1 Top Gifter" and no chess master.

The reason I chose "Top Gifter" by name is because everyone who knows me has used that name on me almost from day 1 when I first joined and I have become accustomed to it and therefore chose it. It's not something I brag about but it has become so common and I could get rid of the fuss that I am Magnus Carlsen. At the same time, I changed my Fide down to almost zero, Hehe,  so everyone sees it that I do not want to be confused with who I am a fan of.

Hoping for understanding and respect for my choice.



well deserved Winner above of my special prize: 1 year Diamond - 25/10 2020

Big warm welcome to my modest profile! 

old name @GM_Magnus_Kingdom, new name @Top-Gifter

"A leader, A top gifter, a learner

A lawful beginner, A good friend and A club owner of Magnus Chess Corner Club, the biggest Magnus Carlsen fan club on"

░M░a░g░n░u░s░ ░C░h░e░s░s░ ░C░o░r░n░e░r░ ░C░l░u░b░

LINK TO my club: Top gifter's Clubhouse ツ

chess is far beyond the mathematical principles and desires, the aim is to capture the imagination of the player, sometimes with great success ... Hope you`ll enjoy your game.

Please follow me if you haven't, I make educational chess blogs on chess. Com, I have a YouTube channel more..........To know more about it, and thanks for 6700 000+ followers




Message to all who want to join my MCC club with Diamond, Platinum and Gold membership prizes:

Please note that members who already own a premium membership gifted to them by Top-Gifter are ineligible for another until the current one expires (their names recorded and saved until they qualify again). This does not exclude them from tournament participation but any prizes they win will be awarded to the next highest placed competitor.

Thank you & enjoy MCC and my another clubs!


Important to read before joining MCC club NOTE:

If you have joined the club and have not been banned, you are still not entitled to gifted membership prizes. we do not accept new members who have not been a member of for less than 12 months. If you join the club and win a gifted event or membership prize from a tournament and/ore are Blocked by Club Owner due to spam or begging, you will be excluded from and win prizes by @GM_Magnus_Kingdom.

We have introduced this to prevent us from sponsoring memberships to Spammers and spam clubs and beggars. The demand is great for becoming a member of Magnus Chess Corner and that we have so many premium gifted events attract cheaters and engine users. Therefore, we MUST have this strict entrance for our dear club. We try and delete new members who do not satisfy our requirements from our club on a regular basis but club owners are only online for the most part on mobile so there are occasional misses and you are not entitled to any prizes and will be excluded as soon as you are discovered.

꧁_🚫_꧂Engine users and spammers are not welcome there!꧁_🚫_꧂

Stop asking if i am Magnus Carlsen, i got 250 message Every day and most of them are unnecessary use of E-Paper, Let's not waste E-Paper! Think green and renewable energy

Image result for laughing on the floor emoji

Had I been Magnus Carlsen, I would have fainted / roared with joy and written autograph to my friend @MainframeSupertasker 🤩

(our mash cup), ⚽ but sorry, I am NOT Magnus Carlsen, I am only a huge Magnus Carlsen fan. Magnus Carlsen have 2 account in Real Magnus Carlsen: Real Magnus carlsen first account:

I am only Top Gifter @Top-Gifter himself xDxD

“The saddest part is when people who gave you the best memory becomes a memory”
Love you Vera 🌹❤️🤩 and I ♥ ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

welcome to join my VIP Lounge

   This Club: "VIP Lounge" will pay off in spades when you are able to recognize your opponent’s trap and avoid it before the noose tightens, and also when you are able to pull that noose tight around your opponent’s neck and claim the victory for yourself.

-- How to Master Tactics and Strategies !

-- How to Imagine/Visualize positions and Calculate without looking at the Board !

-- How to Solve Tactics and Play Games Blindfolded !

-- How to Think Brilliantly !

-- How to Come up with Creative and Genius Ideas !

-- How to use the Knowledge you acquire here as a Game Changer !

-- How to Find Best Moves and Plans !

-- How to Master Light and Dark Squares Attack and Defense !

-- How and When to Attack your Opponent , So that they can't Defend themselves !

-- How to Outplay Higher Rated Opponents in Opening , Middlegame and Endgame !

-- How to Master Chess Psychology in Your Favor and How to use it against Your Opponents !

-- How to not use Chess Engines like a Pro !

-- How to Trap your Opponent into his Own Trap ! and Much More ...

You are welcome to join all my other clubs ho are 𝓯𝓾𝓵𝓵 𝓸𝓯 𝓯𝓾𝓷 phpvPhpib.gif and with premium gifted event

Come and play with us at Magnus Chess Corner Club

 My cool club with premium gifted event and tournaments:

Magnus Chess Corner ツ

( ° ͜ʖ͡°)


best club in

♙♘♗♖♕♔ ♚♛♜♝♞


INFO: For every hundred NEW members who join:

i will sing a song xDxD

Bughouse, 3 Check, King of the Hill, Crazyhouse, Live 960, Bullet, Blitz, Daily chess and Vote chess tournaments. You mention it, I play it

i Was sending message to that they was needed to count all gift i was given from my First account/start at from 2007 till today 5,410,370 days gifted xDxD

Founder of: Magnus Chess Corner club the biggest Magnus Carlsen fan club!!!!!! | Norway
Joined Oct 27, 2018
5,410,370 days gifted


Team 𝔽𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕤 Worldwide (LINK: 𝔽𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕤 ) is the group designed to create an inviting environment where young and inexperienced players can grow and experience peace and have fun and cultivate good friendships in a cool atmosphere. The group represents good friendship

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