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Advanced: Openings

FM Kostya Kavutskiy & IM Danny Rensch Hệ số trung bình: 860 Nâng cao

In this course you will learn more about opening strategy and begin to develop a feel for where your pieces should be developed. In general, the opening lessons in this course are designed to help you "click through" in order to learn more basic opening principles, and see some of the most common openings where those principles are applied. In many cases, your task is simply to read the notes and further your understanding of how both White and Black should approach each specific opening.

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  • Learn with the Four Knights

    In this lesson you will learn some common opening ideas through studying the Four Knights Game. The Four Knights Game is one of the most commonly featured openings at the beginning stages of chess.
  • Learn with the Ruy Lopez

    In this lesson you will learn opening principles by playing through the Ruy Lopez, aka the Spanish Game. A favorite opening of players such as Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov and more!
  • The Scandinavian Defense & Bad Queen Play

    In this lesson you will learn more opening principles and guidelines through the Scandinavian Defense, which occurs after 1.e4 d5.
  • Introduction to Opening Gambits

    In this lesson we will introduce the concept of an opening "gambit". A gambit is where one side willingly gives up a pawn, or sometimes more, in order to gain an advantage in development. A lead in development (more pieces in the game) can potentially lead to a quick attack against the king or other areas of the board. Gambits can be lots of fun, but also very doubled edged for both players.
  • Open Positions

    In this lesson you will learn the definition of what constitutes an "open" position in chess, and what strategies you should typically employ in such situations.
  • Semi-Closed Positions

    In this lesson you'll learn about "semi-closed" (sometimes also called "semi-open") positions. We'll continue studying the French Defense, which was introduced in the previous lesson.
  • Closed Positions

    In this lesson you'll learn how to characterize "closed" positions. We'll continue looking at positions coming from the French Defense, and you'll learn how to create strategic plans by examining the pawn structure of the position.
  • Basic Opening Traps 1

    In this lesson you'll learn one of the most basic opening traps of all.
  • Basic Opening Traps 2

    In this lesson we'll see another one of the most common opening traps in all of chess.
  • Learn From Alekhine!

    In this lesson we will see a brilliancy played by Alexander Alekhine, the fourth World Champion and one of the greatest attacking players of all time. Alekhine, playing Black, will exploit some very serious opening errors committed by his opponent.

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