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25 thg 4, 2012
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Feb 26, 2020
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Từ 26 thg 4, 2012

I was brought here by a very good friend who will remain in our memories for ever, to us she was warm hearted, kind, courageous, strong character, stubborn, unique, beautiful, the list could go on but those are a few of her qualities, I doubt we will meet anyone like her again which brings us sadness

 I value my friends as my most valuable part of my life, without good friends we are nothing, my friends are few in quantity but very high in quality, not with what they do in their lives but what they have within their hearts. My friends are all important to me regardless of where they are in the world or in which world be it real or virtual.

My chess is not very good, I learned to play at school,  it was chess or outside in the cold and snow during lunchtime, the choice was easy for me, Now I return in the hope that it will keep my mind active and if I begin to enjoy it I might venture to a game in the local pub,