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    very good

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    This line is very similar to the one being played by Anand in the World Championship.

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    CM psantann

    Nice game! How white controlled all the actions was definitely instructive. Also a reminder to always stay sharp for tactics to bring those points home.

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    Unlucky not finding the knockout blows but you are only human - plus finishing =2nd place in any tournament is a big achievement so well done Shanky! You have a bright future ahead of you Smile

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    good game

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    tough draw but great lessons.

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    Thank you for sharing this game.  I enjoyed watching and I like your casual style of analysis.  Problem I have as an amateur is this:  Why would you top players permit these pins on the Knights on the King or Queen by the Bishops?  That is anathema to me and as a tyro, I think openings like this are weird.  Shouldn't we be trying to find the best openings?  not just interesting lines?  No offense intended, GM, but the game left me feeling as though I just overheard a conversation between to Sophmores discussing Kant's Categorical Imperative.  

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    Always interesting watching your videos. Also, very relevant to the current world championship with Anand consistently playing the a6 line (most similar to game 2).

    I'm often playing sloppier than usual moves when I think I should have an advantage in the late game, so, a valuable lesson I will try and internalise.

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    First Comment!!! Link posted a little early. 

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