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    what a nice game, what a nice attack!!

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    Very interesting story about the encounter with Fischer. It was sad for me to hear that he became rude at a suggestion I would have thought of making to him as well. I must say this story makes me feel more offended by what Fischer accused Roman Zdindzikashvili of since I am an immigrant as well. And I know without a doubt that Fischer was in the wrong because clearly Roman is absolutely sane while Fischer was...well you know. That is not to suggest he was the best as a chess player.
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    Classic quote. "Bad games always stay bad." Roman could have been talking about my games.

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    super story 

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    Loved this game and the attacking ideas of Fischer ... a good and typical example of how handled the KIA ... well on the meeting with Fischer, after going throught what you did ... I'm damn glad you told him off. He was as crazy as a jay bird at that point, living like a slave for the World Wide Church of God in Pasadena.  The only way you get any respect from him is to get right in his face like you did ... it's unpleasant but necessary.  His insecurities ruined him.  You went through more than he will ever know since you defeated the Soviet system in your own way to freedom.  And your legacy for us in American is just as important if not more so ... because you will always be thought of in the highest regards ... so don't apologize for tell off Fischer ... if anything  ... kudos to you.

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    liked it!  Hope I can apply some of whtat I've learned--thanks!

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    I will have to strongly disagree that this should be thought of as one of Fischer's strongest games.

    Really, his opponent just waited around for about 20 moves, and in that amount of time of course white will build up an attack. From there there is bound to be some tactic.

    Nice game, but for someone like Fischer, nothing extraordinary by any means.

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    What about if after Bb2 (21:51) Black plays Bb7?

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    great job! I'm so tired of reading that GM "blank" made a mistake in this game because the newest computer data states a mate could have been made in less moves. I always think it is absurd to suggest a great player made a mistake or calculated incorrectly when he/she follows their logic and wins.  

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    Great series.....absolutely love it...... Roman is a great storyteller and brings color and character to the game.  Thanks Roman

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    Good game! Fischer is a genius!

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    This video is dare to me because I too play the KIA. I'm hoping to see more this opening in this series on Bobby Fisher. And Roman's story about Bobby's attitude towards playing chess was very insightful into how crazy Bobby was. Excellent video!

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    Fantastic personal story of Bobby Fisher.

    thank you

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    Roman, it was fascinating, for me, to learn chess from someone who actually played Bobby Fischer and witnessed such a response from him after an innocent and hopefully helpful suggestion.  One could see by the exchange how Bobby could be an extraordinary chess player, perhaps the greatest ever, and at the same time be clearly suffering from a psychological disorder.  What a tragedy, for all of us, to witness one of our own suffer from such a disorder.  We need to understand and honor him regardless of his affliction.  Thank you for the story and the video. 

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    dzinzis just like a monument of chess history isnt he

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    Fantastic & simple Kingside attack! I think many of us like Fischer exactly because he played very naturally, rather than getting himself entagled in some obscure positional struggle (though he did do that from time to time) he preferred to undertake brilliant attacks on his enemy's weaknesses... Great job, Roman!

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    Nice video, thanks for sharing. That was a beautiful kingside assault.

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    Loved, Loved, Loved this video.

    Roman, you really need to do some videos on Tal! I've noticed you played him a number of times. There must be some great stories. 

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