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    Keep it simple!

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    " Russians have the best caviar, the best chess, and some would say the best girls." I agree with two out of three...I think American chess is better. :) jk. I love all three of Russia's gifts. Also the vodka and literature is pretty good too.

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    NM NoRematch

    Here's the entire game.  I believe Fischer intended 56...Qg8, "checkmating" White's queen.  Smile

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    Roman, can you do a series on the third things good about Russian.  The girls??

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    IM Rensch made a very valid comment, I'm not a huge fan of Bobby Fischer's style either, but you can indeed make anyone who you talk about sound very interesting, I knew it would be a good video before I watched it as you are one of my 3 favourite video authors :) but I was suprisingly entertained by the actual game, I now plan on watching all the other parts in this series about Fischer, I initially chose this because the Nimzo-Indian is a part of my own repertoire, now which one shall I watch next!?

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    Nice video!  Thanks! 

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    there's nothing to say except wow, this is a great series of videos.

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    Great. Just great. 

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    Great Video, great lecture, Thanks Roman!!!

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    It's great that you can make great commentary on the great games, but also the fact that you met these great players and can share your life experiences with them.  This makes your videos a cut above the rest!

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    Thanks, Roman! Great video again! This series on Fischer is one of a kind.

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    Thanks Roman.  Great game and commentary.

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    daneendly, wasn't Nikola Tesla croatian/serbian, not russian? =)

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    what about Vodka Roman???   Russia also has the 3 most talented people of all time

    Tal Mikhal - most creative and greatest attacker of all time. Fischer Kasparov and Rybka would be lost without his contribution

    Tchaikovsky ilotch Peter - greatest music composser of all time

    Telsa Nikoli - By far the greatest inventor of all time. reserach HIM!!!!

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    Nice video!

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    what is his username??!!!!!!! Yell

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    They both work (essentially equally well) according to Rybka.  In fact it couldn't seem to make up its mind as to which was better for a while (though eventually chose e4).

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    IM DanielRensch

    My apologies for the flipped coordinates everyone... Slipped by our editing Yell. We will fix! 

    I love his stories, and it isn't because I am a "Fischer worshipper" (really not a huge fan of his personally). The personal insight Dzindzi offers is amazing regardless of whom he is talking about!

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