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    good 2 part series

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    Thank you Grandmaster.

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    nice video explanations of intents/plan but he got us hanging.

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    Now, this is real instruction. chock full of useful ideas. I'm a little distraught waiting for the second installment; but I will work on the position on my boards at home; this also makes it first class instruction; because otherwise, without capturing my attention and then forcing me to work on it myself; I won';t. Because I'm so lazy!

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    I was gonna go there, I go there every 6 months. But this was in october.

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    very good video

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    best vid so far!

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    i think ne7, while all of whites pieces are stuck togetthor on the king sideto defend the pawn, u should try to do some things on the queen side to mess them up

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    I really appreciated hearing GM Khachiayan's ideas about playing his pawns to h6 and g5.  The reasoning linked to his uncastled King was very helpful.

    No doubt the second part will be full of good strategic ideas too and we'll see how GM Khachiayan thought about the position.  I wonder if his thinking might have included the following.  

    1. Neither of White's Knights has effective squares to move to.  Therefore, the only mobile minor piece he has is the light squared bishop.

    2. The White King might be vulnerable to attack along the c2-g6 diagonal if the White pawns on d3 and e4 weren't present.

    3. Given #1 and #2 above, Black might play Be6.  After Bxe6 fxe6 Black is positioned to play d5, leading to exd5 exd5 and the c2-g6 highway to the White King can be occupied by Black's queen.

    4. This concept appeals to me because White's Queen and Rook are tied down to the defence of g2 and will have difficulty defending their open King.

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    At the end I think the idea of Ne7 with c5 breakthrough and putting rook on c file followed by shifting pieces to the queenside with an attack on the black king looks good

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    what about Nd7 with c6 d5 break? white has to react to it otherwise the bishop is lost...

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