Chess House Cafe

This is the Chess House Cafe. A pleasant place to come in, relax, chit-chat, listen to nice music, get useful information, discuss, and play good chess as well. 

If you like thematic matches, thematic tournaments and well-discussed VC-games in a nice, relaxed and clean atmosphere, this is the right club for you!

We like competition, but we do not want to stress our members - so we will not harrass you with requests to join highly competitive matches.

For the benefit of our honest members, we have a strict anti-cheating policy, so we check (and report) suspicious cases.

New members welcome! Simply ask to enter!

For the above given reasons, we expect that you:

  • have an appropriate avatar and profile 
  • do not have more than 50 clubs.
  • are at least for 1 month on this site
  • do not have a timeout of 15% or above
  • have completed 10 daily games before joining the club.

Exceptions on the statistical facts will be made on request.

Presumptive cheaters and people known for abusive behaviour are not allowed.

We also have thematic tournaments running reguarly, open and invitational. For the benefit of our fair participants, highly dubious applicants will also be removed from our (open) tournament lists.


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