The Jutland Posse

This group was founded to honour both the Jutland peninsula and the Danish frigate named Jutland. The frigate Jutland participated in the battle at Helgoland, May 9, 1864. A Danish naval force under the command of Edouard Suenson met an Austrian-Prussian squadron under the Austrian naval Hero Wilhelm Freiherr von Tegetthoff, outside Helgoland. The Danes  The Austro-Prussian attack was an attempt to break the blockade. The Danes won an encouraging, albeit limited victory, when the rigging of the Austrian flagship, the frigate Schwartzenberg, was set ablaze by masterfull and superior gunnery by the Danes, after which the Austrians retreated into the shelter of Helgoland neutral 3 mile zone that was under English control. In the cover of night the Austro-Prussian squadron managed to escape to Cuxhaven on the Elbe estuary. A much needed victory for Danmark in a catastrophic war against Prussia and Austria-Hungary in 1864.

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