4 天前

Manifest of Fischerandom and The Gift of Chess

The most important gift of chess is the teaching that it gives for our lives.

Chess trains the control of:
2.Umilty-Gruffness --Patience \ Impetuousness
3.Mind - Psyche
4.Memory - Fluidity


Move the pieces not moving them, following the laws of chess , so defining our imagination depending on the " around " ( position on the board and rules \surroundings of real situations ) ; is an exceptional skill , which is used in most of human activities most " noble " : reading, writing , design , research , etc .. is what has allowed us to adapt and even to adapt the world to ourselves . .

Humility \ Gruffness - Patience \ Impetuousness

Realize our smallness , of groping in the darkness of the infinite possibilities of the board \ world , and still know how to dare in the "right" moment ; This is free will , our tiny and huge free will ; balancing our pride ..

Mind \ Psyche

Using the history of the game \ our history as a mirror, to understand our mistakes and their origin in order to improve.

Memory \ Fluidity

Know what surrounds you , what you keep in your pockets , what has happened and what you have in mind to do , always be aware , is a great help on the chessboard \ life .
And it' s a thermometer of our presence " in spirit" , of our vitality ..
The historical memory of chess , ( under construction .. )

We cannot allow that this excellent training of "the soul" to become unavailable to newcomers because of the Mountain , almost insurmountable , of the opening theory \ Engines stops it .. Also we cannot allow thousands of chess fans "to waste" their time studying countless ways of ascending the mountain ..
Chess can change our attitude in life , but the Theory and Engines force us to become bookworms or nerds , our free will is crushed by the knowledge, Memory takes the place of the Vision ( is a topic that would support the poor "Vom Nutzen und Nachteil der Historie für das Leben " by Nietzsche )
The mountain takes away the taste of playing chess\life ; everything has already been written \ .. we cut off the adventure .
If we were all-knowing of course.. we would never play chess ..