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No cold friend requests please.  If we have a fair game or two, I'll add you to my friends/invite list for the tournaments I host.  Otherwise, please stop spamming me.



I'm a woodland & orchard managing chess junkie who reads a lot, does a lot of puzzles, and listens to a lot of music & chess tournament commentary. 


From 2015-2021 I've played almost exclusively daily games, but it's gotten a bit stale and many recent losses reflect my dwindling interest in daily games and my increased interest in studying, puzzling, and playing occasional live games (mostly BOT games for now, to get used to playing with a clock).  While I'd like to crawl my way back to a sub-2000 daily rating, I'm pretty sure my time is better spent focusing on my (many!) weaknesses and getting used to timed play in anticipation of some OTB action.  I'll probably fire up some thematic daily tournaments now & then so I can work through some different opening lines with the help of all my reference material, but overall I'm gradually shifting my playing time toward live games and looking to play regular (1-2/week) G/45 - G/60 games with humans starting this summer (2021).  Hopefully by the end of 2021 (post-lockdown & fully vaccinated), with a few more months of reading and puzzles under my belt, I can dare show my face at the local club and not get crushed by a 4 year-old in 8 moves or less. happy.png  


I wish you all the best, in chess and in life.  Cheers!!     


Chess-related books that have helped me in one way or another:

general study

Jacob Aagaard:  the Excelling at... and Grandmaster Preparation... series;  Practical Chess Defense;  Attacking Manual I & II

Jonathan Rowson:  Chess for Zebras; The Seven Deadly Chess Sins

mating patterns

Murray Chandler:  How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

     (Don't let the cover or title put you off.  This is a great introductory book on checkmate patterns.)

Georeges Renaud:  The Art of Checkmate


Ward Farnsworth:  Predator at the Chessboard vols. I & II

     (Another goofy cover, wrapped around fantastic content.)


John Nunn:  Understanding Chess Middlegames

pawn structure

Andrew Soltis:  Pawn Structure Chess; Grandmaster Secrets - Openings; Grandmaster Secrets - Endings

Mauricio Flores Rios: Chess Structures - A Grandmaster Guide

Hans Kmoch:  Pawn Power in Chess

     note:  Kmoch's book is to chess as kale is to vegetables...  very good for you, but can be very

     hard to digest.  buyer/reader beware.

Sam Shankland: Small Steps to Giant Improvement 1 & 2


John Watson:  Mastering the Chess Openings, vol. 1-4; Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy; 

Various Authors:  Many, many books too numerous to mention  re: specific openings/variations...


list to be continued as I remember which titles to add...



(p.s.  don't let the run of resignations on Jan 7, 2021 and/or Jan 12 put you off.  There's nothing fishy going on...  the former was due to some issues with my account that have been kindly and generously resolved, and the latter was some 'vs. computer' bug testing.)