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Welcome to my profile, CREDITS to @sougataghosh's  profile for giving me the idea for the structure of this 'About Me' 

Latest Update: 10:52 AM IST (Kerala, India) 28/7/2019

A short Intro

I am Abhishek Pillai. For privacy reasons I will not reveal my birth country. Anyway I live in Amsterdam in Holland and play chess for my national chess federation, KNSB. I do not yet have a FIDE rating though I have a FIDE ID (70700060). My National Rating is displayed on the right.

My Chess Personality

Favorite Songs in Order
1. Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers
2. Perfect by Ed Sheeran
3. Lose Yourself by Eninem
4. River by Ed Sheeran and Eninem
5. Being Alone at Christmas by Miss Montreal
6. Once Upon a Time by Toby Fox (UNDERTALE!!)
7. Time Lapse by TheFatRat
8. Paris by The Chainsmokers

Favorite World Renowned Chess Players

1. Magnus Carlsen
2. Vishwanathan Anand
3. Bobby Fischer

Favorite Openings (Not Specific Variations)

1. English Opening
2. Sicilian Defence: O'Kelly
3. Vienna Game/Gambit
4. Sicilian Defence: Dragon
5. Kings Gambit
6. Guici Piannismo (Italian Game)
7. Fried Liver Attack 
8. Queens Gambit

Favorite TV Shows
1. The Flash
2. The Good Place
3. Legends of Tommorow
4. Modern Family
5. Arrow
6. Wizards of Waverly Place
7. Supergirl
8. Liv and Maddie
9. Jessie