15 分鐘前

Next Saturday I will go out to buy groceries for the month of May. Let us hope that this pandemic of the Chinese Communist virus passes quickly. Let us continue to pray and trust God.

Wearing a retro look from the 50's of the 20th century

With my swetty friend Claire, lovely memories. 

I won another tournament.

So excited to bring my flying pole workshops on the road this year! 

I win in chess 960 

My sexy valentine

No inspirational quote needed. Grab 2020 by the little hairs and get it done! 

In 2018 I was in Paris France, in this year 2020 I want to return.

Aerial hoop

With me NBF happy.png

My new guitar

With my friend Lindsey 

For a walk

From my guest performance tonight at Georgia Pole

Expelliarmus wink.png

Today I did a thing. I have been a no car / motorcycle only commuter for a long time now. Today I added this beauty. Meet my new Dodge Challenger. I’m in love and I can’t wait to drive her around. Also it’s SO nice to be in AC again! Looks like she needs a name! #Dodge #DodgeChallenger #Challenger #Vegas #LasVegas

It is unheard of!
I have been harassed and insulted and it is my account that has been sanctioned!

Es inaudito!
He sido acosada e insultada y es mi cuenta la que ha sido sancionada!

Because of this I will NOT accept friend requests from anyone else.
Debido a esto NO aceptaré solicitudes de amistad a nadie más.