I like the challenge of improving at chess. I didn't start to study games until after I turned 40, and it's generally understood that after you turn 40, you won't improve at chess. In my case, that's been more true than false. It's okay. I enjoy playing whether I win or not. I've created a few groups with the idea of posting annotated games of masters or grandmasters that seem to me good ones to learn from (Club Fine, Club Spielmann, and Club Tarrasch). I've also posted a few annotated games of Rubinstein's at the Rubinstein chess group. I've had good luck as far as looking over played games with former opponents, pointing out moves that would have made for very different games. I'm grateful for this. The area I most need to improve in, I think, is tactics. The Tactics Trainer has me rated anywhere from 1400 to 1450, typically. I never seem to get much higher than that, although I like to keep trying. It's always been surprising to me when an opponent writes an insult in the chat of a game. What's odd is that this usually happens when I'm losing! It hardly ever happens any more. What bothers me more is if an opponent stops playing without resigning. It's so rude to waste your opponent's time like that! That also happens less and less, I've noticed. It's really great to see how chess dot com has improved over the years and continues to attract new members every day. Recently, I had a Premium account because I referred a friend to chess dot com who later paid for a Premium account of his own. To say thanks to me, chess dot com provided me with a Premium membership for several weeks. Nice! “Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ― A.A. Milne (C. Robin to W. T. Pooh)