Hellooooo! If you read my username you would know my name was Roger and I am currently 12-years-old, I'm currently rated 1593 OTB USCF although I haven't played an OTB tournament since February 2020 (Played one tourney on May 1st 2021). My Online USCF is 1789 which is a lot more accurate to my strength. I'm currently a Top Blogger so if you have the time please check out My Blog. If you have any blog ideas then comment your suggestions in my profile notes. If I decide to use your idea I will credit you with a shoutout. I'm online quite often so feel free to chat with me about anything even if it's not related to chess. I dare you to challenge me to a Puzzle Battle match. In s4 of NSPBCL I played for Rock 'n' ROL! and we placed 3rd! I also played in the Not-So PRO Fog of War league and the team I played for, the Chessical PROdigies got first but nobody cares about that league... If you're still wasting your time reading this then go read my blog! Here are a few more chess stuff about me: 

Favorite Chess Players: Paul Morphy, Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Tal, David Bronstein, Garry Kasparov, Hikaru Nakamura, and Ian Nepomniachtchi. 

Favorite Chess Youtubers/Streamers: GothamChess, Hikaru, Daniel Naroditsky, John Bartholomew, etc. mainly, etc.

Players I have adopted: @2Nf31-0 (1+0)

Chess Bucket List for 2021 - Not goals but like fun stuf
1. Beat a Grandmaster in any time control (I have beaten two grandmasters but both by forfeit)
2. Get the Blog of The Month Award
3. 10 Adoptions (Beat 10 different players 10 times in a row in the same time control)
4. Get 1st in a big OTB Tournament (Hopefully COVID doesn't stay for all of 2021 sad.png)
5. Win more prizes because I'm tired of losing... 
6. Win another major league (NSPCL, NSPBCL, NSPBuCL, RSPL, CSL, all are "major leagues")
7. Actually become good at puzzles (Instead of spending 25 hours a day playing puzzle battle)
8. bReAk kArJaKiN's ReCoRd oF yOuNgEsT gRaNdMaStEr!!1!1!!1!!
9. Win either NSPBCL or NSPCL!
Alright, you can leave now... Cya.
(Seriously go read my blog if you're wasting your time highlighting this)