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2/24/2014 - Diagonal Power

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #281


    3rdmotion wrote:
    BryanCFB wrote:
    Juncedan wrote:
    BryanCFB wrote:
    3rdmotion wrote:

    just for fun!........ try this mate in 3 moves


    I found a mate in two here.  Can you?

    1. Qa6   Kd7

    2. Qe6#


    is this it?

    Very close.  You have the right idea.  Not 1. Qa6+ because of 1...Kb8, but 1. Qb6 (not a check) 1...Kd7 (forced) 2. Qe6#.

    sorry guys... but my diagram is incorrect! the KING is not E5. I missed the position

    Where is the king then?

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