• Chess Video Lessons

    Improve your Game with Chess Videos!

    Watch and learn as top players and Grandmasters explain their thoughts while at the chessboard. Video Lessons are in-depth chess lectures covering topics from openings to endings with awesome analysis and insight.

    Lessons are created by chess Grandmasters and teachers like GMs Melik & Perelshteyn, and more!

    • Enjoy and learn with Chess Videos!
    • Library covers everything from Openings to Endgames
    • New lessons added daily!
  • Chess Mentor Lessons

    The Most Effective Chess Training in the World!

    Chess Mentor is the best chess training system ever created! You get custom feedback on every possible move so you not only know the right answer, but why other moves were wrong.

    Lessons are written by chess professionals and teachers such as GM Nigel Davies, IM Jeremy Silman, and many others.

    • Boost your rating and tournament performance
    • Improve your tactics and strategies
    • Learn how Grandmasters think about each move
  • Tactics Trainer

    Chess is 99% Tactics - Improve Your Vision!

    Getting better at tactics is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your game.

    The Chess.com tactics server will help you learn how to recognize the critical positions that come from pins, forks, overworked pieces, and all other tactical themes.

    • Thousands of tactical problems
    • Track your progress with detailed stats and graphs
    • See how you compare to other tacticians
  • Openings & Game Explorer

    Explore Chess Games & Opening Lines!

    Search through millions of games played by top players and see the most popular openings and moves. Then study the games to see the themes and ideas played by Grandmasters in similar games!

    You can also explore the games that YOU play on Chess.com to see your strengths and weaknesses in how you play in the opening.

    • Explore how effective each opening can be
    • Study in your browser - nothing to download!
    • View your own games!
  • Computer Analysis

    Computer Analysis of Your Games!

    Do you wonder why you lost a game? What critical winning moves did you miss?

    Our super-computers analyze your game and show you the mistakes made by both players!

    • Have Grandmaster-level computers analyze your games
    • See full notation on mistakes and blunders
  • Computer Workout

    Master Hundreds of Key Chess Positions!

    All good chess players know how to recognize key patterns and positions that occur in their games. The Chess.com Computer Workout tool helps you improve your knowledge of key positions by setting you up to play these key positions against the computer!

    • Master key chess positions
    • Get help from the computer with hints
  • Chess Coaches

    Find a Personal Chess Coach!

    Looking for a chess coach? Find one in the Chess.com Coach Directory! This huge database has hundreds of chess coaches listed that you can find by rate, location, and more!

    • Find a chess coach in your local area
    • Search coaches and read reviews of them
  • Chess Articles

    Read Chess Articles on Everything Chess!

    Access unlimited articles on everything from Strategy to Tactics to Famous Chess Players.

    Articles contain interactive chess diagrams and games to help you improve you game!

    • Huge library of FREE articles!
    • Find coverage of nearly any chess topic