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5/15/2014 - Morphy-Harrwitz, 4th Match game, 1858

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    stevedirks1959 wrote:
    BryanCFB wrote:

    In your 5...Qe7 6. Qxg6+ Qg7 line white wins quicker with 7. Rf8+ Kxf8 8. Qe8#.

    this isn't an answer to me is it? because I left king in check. Someone please show me where I am wrong? Post #173

    No.  Sorry about that.  I'm referring to a post by Roost1513 from page three and just realized I forgot to quote it before I saw your post that I'm quoting now.  I have edited it to clear up any confusion.

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    mk_master_365 wrote:

    so evening up material? Well...

    Well, not exactly.

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    ChessJabberWalker wrote:

    weak! second move Nf5 to h6 so much better

    I think 3. Nh6+ (my original guess) might be a good move, but I'm pretty sure 2. Nh6 is not, as it appears black can safely capture the knight.

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    CC0112358 wrote:

    After 3. Nxe7+, instead of 3......Kg7, black should have abandoned the rook and taken the knight with 3....QxN. Still a challenge to battle the white queen and rook. Nevertheless, the white knight was ultimately black's downfall.

    Yeah, you're probably right.  I think it was just a case of black forcing white to find the correct moves with the knight on moves four and five, as white's path to overwhelming advantage is very straightforward if black goes into 3...Qxe7, probably more than if black does not play 3...Qxe7.

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    RainbowDash094 wrote:

    if the black queen takes the knight, then the white queen takes the rook, then it's a fairly even position

    Not for long.

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    I'm quite sure this combination doesn't work without the seemingly meaningless white pawn on d5, which prevents 5...Qe6!

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    TheRaze wrote:

    call me a noob but i dont see why the black queen didnt kill white knight.

    Your a noob.lol   Laughing

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    Nice one

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    First page:)

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    nice - i'm getting closer to 1st page!

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    I dont understand why the queen didnot take the horse after 3rd move ?

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    Easy bizy lemon squeezing

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    last move is confusing but i get it.

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    Morphy never gets old.

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    ματ με τον ΙΠΠΟ απο 5G ΣΤΟ 6Η κατι που δεν βλεπεισ συχνα

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