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6/22/2013 - Forcing Line

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    LaskerFan wrote:

    Very nice puzzle!

    To those who complain about the puzzle not being worked out to the end, it is not possible to create a puzzle showing all alternate moves - upto the point the puzzle is shown, black has only one move; from that point onwards, black has alternate moves, which is difficult to show in a puzzle. One way might be to use IM Silman's style (after solving puzzle or clicking solution, click on move list to see alternate solutions and comments):


    To those who say the ending is a perpetual or a draw, they are wrong: it is ultimately a mate, only black has alternate moves. Several of the members have posted the solutions in excellent diagrams.


    Maybe it would be good if the puzzle could pick one line, just to demonstrate how it is likely to finish.  At least it's something that could help answer how the puzzle is supposed to end.

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    xxl99999999999999999 wrote:

    This is a very hard puzzle. I had to look in the puzzle book to get the answers! It says its a level 13 puzzle!


    Yes, but can you tell us what black's responses are to 3. c4 and 3. c3?

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    webdevik wrote:

    Isn't it Qd8 mate on the spot. Rook and Bishop are covering black King escape.

    The bishop actually is not covering black's king's escape, so 1. Qd8+ is not mate.

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    EthanKogan999 wrote:

    black is about to checkmate.

    But white can turn the tables around!!

    can you find the amazing come-from-behind move?

    If the king takes the queen, white has nothing left and can resign.  The knight needs to be on h6 for this to work, as this prevents the king from taking and it can then deliver checkmate on f7. 

    If the queen was, for example, on e6 to start this puzzle, then white would have the basic smothered mating pattern.  The solution would be 1. Nf7+ Kg8 2. Nh6+ (a double check) Kh8 (2...Kf8 3. Qf7#) 3. Qg8+ Rxg8 4. Nf7#.  The queen starts your puzzle on the right diagonal, just on the wrong square, which gets in its own knight's way.

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    eh...it was ok...

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    Cool !

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    Good puzzle

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    very nice combination!

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    woohoo i posted another comment 3 months late... xD

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    Nd6+ Kf8 Qxf7#

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    why wouldnt it let me checkmate in puzzle

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