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8/16/2013 - Mate in 6

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    rayray_s wrote:

    totally dumb... black should have eaten the white queen instead of checking... then killing his rook for no reason 


    Only if he wants the game to end sooner!

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    This publication is a good simulation of tactics to make Mating Net.

    in my opinion, the game that has been stated above, must be presented on the simulator designed by "Game Editor" which has been provided by this website.

    In this way, the "SOLUTION", can be hidden for a while first. The goal, in order to stimulate the curiosity of the players to solve problems independently.

    An example:

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    After all the answers collected quite a lot, then the puzzle maker can provide the ultimate solution as a material to be matched against each player's answer.


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    smashmouthbill wrote:

    i thought this puzzle was dumb... i mean who makes moves like this? take a pawn with a rook and not protected? and then black just puts king in check just for the hell of it? just dumb to me, i would need someone to sit me down for this one and tell me how any of these moves makes any sense!

    Me too, but I guess it was a game that was already played and was used for instructional purposes. Like in how not to waste time making pointless moves. Hahahahaha. I digress though. Heres what I saw which would have led to a really quick mate in two moves. 1.Be7 Re8 2. Bf6#

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    i never considered the fact that this was an actual game ... i guess that would explain the absurd moves ... i dont care what anyone says... no master player is making these moves, he will hold on to his strong pieces and make better use of them .... you should have seen me trying to make move after move, and everything i thought of was wrong lol ... i was like WTH????

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    It's not an actual game.

    Think of it like this - when the title is 'mate in X', that's the maximum number of moves that the mate will take. In lots of examples, the mate would be achieved more quickly if the losing player was complicit. But we're looking for a checkmate when the other player plays the "best" moves that are available, not moves which help the mate happen quickly.

    The "best" moves in this case are just prolonging moves - but without them, the mate happens quicker, so you can't say in this case it's a "mate in 4" puzzle, because it is theoretically possible for black to prolong the game for 2 more moves by making sacrifices. If the title was "mate in 4", you would have people complaining because you can't CM in 4 moves when black sacs his queen, etc etc.

    The moves black makes are not absurd. They are the "best" moves available, where "best" means the game is prolonged for another move.

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    checkmate in ten moves

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    adityarangarajan wrote:

    checkmate in ten moves

     I was repeatedly told that puzzle should not need to include the "help or solution" for all those who want to try it do not be tempted to cheat, but try it with their pure ability.

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    Celtic Fc.  Numero uno. Adios amigos and ciao Italia!!!

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