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    How is Nxe7 not a good move?

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    This way  you come out ahead in capture his queen and his bishop and you are in position to capture his other bishop depending on his move.

    Your way comes out even. You capture his bishop in E7. His queen captures your queen....check. You must capture his queen then his knight on C6 captures your knight. You captured a queen and bishop, he captured your queen and knight. Even.

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    Thank you.

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    too bad for Black, looks like he forgot his Knight on c6 was already busy protecting the Bishop. Black would be better off taking the hanging pawn on f3, instead of trading Queens? 

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    @RichSage: before taking the hanging pawn, black has to move his queen or it'll be taken by the knight in d5.

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    Thanks samy_ guess Black should have moved Qd8 then?

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    My rating was 1316 and then I got this puzzle correct which added 12 points and now I am on 1328

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    why did black challenge queens?

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    This is pure 'deflection' folks.. all the tags seem wrong to me but that.

    By trading queens, white removes the defender (knight) of the now hanging bishop.

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