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    Problem from the WAC - Testsuite

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    good one. Would have been cooler without the pawn on c7.

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    Qd4! also works.

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    1...Qd4 2.Rxe8+ Rxe8 3.Qd2 and White is safe.

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    @doodinthemood: Actually I kind of like the c7 pawn here because it disguises the move ...Qd6 as quiet!

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    @Elubus, ...Bro, usually agree w ya but nothing "quiet" about that in-yo-face, prison-yard-move, monster amazon uber-double attack her counterpart (not @ this level).  Lose the girl or lights out. Hence, the mating-net tag. Plus, if she could abandon her first estate somehow, back-rank tag, as the Rook loses mom's weekend supervision, sad & permanent like. Yup, ...woulda been nice as heck sans c pawn there @the doodinthemood! Without, doubt harder to find and a supercool Tactical problem even cooler. Peace to ya both.    Cool

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    I tend to think of loud moves as like bam, sacrifice eight trillion things on g2. Anyway, if the pawn were not on c7, you would know black is planning something. If the pawn is on c7, black will probably first think you just want a queen exchange or something :)

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    SCORE: 84.6%
    My Score: 2604 (+9)


    cool problem

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    I have to give the argument to Elubas. He makes a great point. Although it would only look cooler without the pawn. Whereas, it would be much harder to spot with the pawn on c7, guarding the square, making it not as obvious.

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