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    How many people took the knight because it felt right and filled in the details latter?

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    erhh I didn't Laughing

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    anybody who solved this one is a good chess player

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    why doesn't this go on to let black play Bh3 usually the computer gets to throw away his pieces before the tactic ends

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    It would be too obvious; I solved it, but........

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    Got this "right" but 1 RxNe5 RxNf4 and there are lots of possibilities that lead to better positions for white, but not the defined win of the "correct" answer. Am I missing something?

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    Escapist: ...what about 1 RxNe5 RxNf4...?

    There is no "Analysis" for this problem, so I tried playing the tactic against the computer, and the computer played your move, 1...RxNf4. I saw that white could follow with 2. Re8+, and if black plays his rook back to f8 to block the check, white wins with 3. Bc4+ which forces the king away from the defense of the rook. However, the better move for black is 1...Kf7, and after seeing to the safety of my rook I was not able to win the position.

    So I tried playing the more obvious 2. gxRf4  ...dxRe5  3. Rd8+ followed by taking the pawn at e5, and white enjoys a comfortable endgame with an extra pawn, and quickly winning a second pawn because of the pinned bishop on c8. Is there anything better?

    BTW, it would be great to have the computer inform us of their assessment of each position, and also have a "hint" feature to let us know the best move when we are looking for it. And why do some tactics not have the "Analysis" option?

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    JP510, good input and thank you. 


    I think you missed (and I did as well)

    1RxNe5 RxNf4

    2Re8+ Kf7

    3RxBc8 RxRc8

    4 gxRf4 and white is a bishop up.  But such is not the point.


    The main point (which we both agree on) is that when either playing against humans or when TT training, we should assume our opponent will make the best move.  In this "correct" line, this was virtually a helpmate.  I think TT often does such things to illustrate a point.  When doing so, they should include alternate A+S lines with more correct play.

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    You are quite right, escapest_pawn, though if you ask RetGuuvi you are completely full of it and that is not how TT works. It fails to give correct play for the defender to illustrate a point, and then often fails to give the correct line in A+S because the Crafty engine does not care enough. It's a poor system at times and needs to be revamped somewhat to really show the trap as well as the best line for either side.

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    2.09 .. go me. 2.29.

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    Problem Rating: 1814
    Avg. Time: 1:07
    Attempts: 1,156
    Pass Rate: 56.9%
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    I did calculate this one from the start to finish, and only then moved :) Nice puzzle.

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    me to but unfortunatualy i needed 1:55 and lost a point

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    Never been called a good chess player

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    Talk about missing the point... Best play is not required from the opponent, but from us. If you make the best move, TT will grant you the rating points, and that's it!

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    Nailed it in 13 seconds.

    SCORE: 100

    My Score: 1752 (+15)

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    SCORE: 100%
    My Score: 1756 (+16)


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    Saw this somewhere in CT-ART 3.0

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    Very good tactics. Needed 90 sec to figure it out, but succeeded.

    Have a nice day


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