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    Ah, I hate puzzles... I always look for the Mate and never realize I'm just supposed to be taking a certain peice.
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    On one hand, its helpful to have not all the problems be endgame scenarios because it keeps my thinking flexible - which is the point!  On the other hand, I don't like THIS problem.  I passed it because sometimes tactics trainer's priorities are a little predictable, but I didn't agree with it.  The "solution" is too subjective.

    Sacrificing a rook and a bishop for a queen makes mathematical sense from a point-counting point-of-view.  But the points assigned to the pieces is fuzzy logic at best.  That white has achieved an advantage by this solution is a point you could argue, but it is "arguable."  And for semantics you could say that about any solution that didn't involve mate, it seems this one is more subjective than most.

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    I couldn't imagine that it was not an endgame puzzle
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    I suppose I like these kinds of puzzles because they force me to look at the whole board for every problem.   I expect that to be much more helpful in actual gameplay since it's not always clear what the goal will be.
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    You're sacrificing a rook and a bishop for a queen, but you also get a pawn out of it. That makes it more clearly correct. Plus you've wrecked his pawn structure.

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    Right. The solution is not simply "point-counting" - the objective is to make the best possible move - no matter what.  This considers material, development, king-safety, space, forced-mates, pawn-structure, etc, etc.

    The solution is what it is because it is optimal considering those dimension, not because of point-counting

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    bummer. i took this answer into consideration, but figured Black's bishop would capture the rook?

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     It's a good problem. Most tactics don't lead to mate or some crushing material advantage. White is dominating the postion after taking the Black Queen.

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    If the bishop takes the rook, the check is on the other side.  Still gives black doubled pawns on a knight's file.

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    Yeah I don't think it's all that subjective. If I'm white here, I feel like it's my game to lose. I like the problem. I also like tactics trainer (just updated to gold, and loving it). And I like And chess. And you guys. And life. Peace.

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    agreed with OmniRiot... =)

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    "bummer. i took this answer into consideration, but figured Black's bishop would capture the rook?!"

    If black takes with the rook, then Bb5+ gives you the queen.  Either way you can get a discovered attack on the queen with check.

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    Timer:  0:40
    Problem solved!
    SCORE: 70%
    My Rating: 1495 (+5)
    Problem Rating: 1474 (-5)
    Avg. Time: 0:32
    Attempts: 3568
    Pass Rate: 51.9%

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    After 1 Rxe6, why doesn't black reply 1 ... Kf8?  Black need not take the bait. 

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    I broke my best record on this problem!  +16 for a new high of......


    OK, yeah, I spent over a year with a rating that's less than a starting member (1400, if I recall).  Not terribly impressive.

    Edit.  Oops, looks like  the starting rating is 1200.  Ah well.  Still a new high that's only minorly worth noting

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    Only minor kudos to you. 

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    Sort of thanks.

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    You're partially welcome. 

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    jhuschtp you are a villian. i love you tho.  one of the main things to keep in mind in evaluating queen vs. minor pieces, if you've watched any Danny Rensch, is king safety of the side with the minor pieces and are there pawns on both sides of the board (for both sides).  If the king isn't safe and there are pawns all over, the queen is stronger. to say nothing of the fact that the rook sac HAS to be the best move according to whatever computer analysis is being used. not very subjective

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    gonna try to use this one

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