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    NM Alisher

    I have to report this problem, 2.Qh6 also leads to the same line.

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    1. Rg8+ Rxg8 2. Nxf7+ Kg7 and I played 3. Qh6+ which leads to the same result.  Also you can promote to a rook as well with 5. hxg8=R# even though most people would promote to a queen.


    Alisher, I don't think 2. Qh6 works well since black can play 2...Qd4+ going for a perpetual check.  White must keep checking the black king.

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    Both 3. Qh6+ and 3. Qg5+ both lead to 3...Kxf7 but maybe white hopes for black to make a mistake with 3. Qg5+ Kxh7 4. Qh6# or 3. Qg5+ Kf8 4. hxg8=Q# but I still consider 3. Qh6+ and 3. Qg5+ as both equal solutions since we assume that black will play the best move.  :)

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    That's the problem: how to predict when the computer (or the other player) will make the best moves and when - not?

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    I see: 2. hxg8=Q+ Kxg8 3. Rg1+ Kf8 4. Qh6+ Ke7 5. Qf6+ Kf8 6. Qxf7#.  What is wrong with a forced mate?  It's just a move or two longer than the other one.  How about partial credit at least?

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    @Vandarringa - Your line looks good.  But like you said it takes one move longer.  You want to try to find the quickest mate for all of the tactical problems or the best line for each.  I know it is a bit harsh to get no credit for finding a line that takes one move longer.  I do agree with getting partial credit but with so many of these problems having other good options it is probably difficult for then to judge and give partial credit.  :)


    @Sveto - You want to assume that your opposition will make the best move.  If there are alternative solutions when you are playing a human you probably want to choose the most forcing mate.  That way it is easier to calculate to see if you have it right.  Here on tactics trainer if there are alternative solutions (like two mate in 5's) then the problem needs to be changed or fixed so that there is only one solution.

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    1. The other player makes the best moves.

    2. Alternative solutions means: finding a mate in 5 when there is a mate in 6, or finding a mate in 3 when you can take a free queen. Even a mate in 2 versus a huge material advantage makes a problem bad.

    That being said, the problem has been modified and I think that the only issue might be for the last move, when promoting to rook is also enough.

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    can someone more tactics savvy than me give the line after 1.. Kxh7 please?

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    @peldan - If we see 1...Kxh7 then I'm thinking 2. Rg7+.  It looks like this is a mate in 6 now rather than a mate in 5 because of the knight on h3.


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    Shortened problem by a move, as costelus points out, promoting to a Q or R mates - 30/11/09 - mod.

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    3.Qxg5 doesnt work, black can respond Nxg5


    Sorry, 3.Qg5+

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    [Site ""]

    [Date "2012.04.19"]

    [White "Player"]

    [Black "Computer - Hard"]

    [Result "1-0"]

     1. Rg8+ Kxh7 2. Rg7+ Kxg7 3. Nxf5+ Kg8 4. Qg4+ Ng5 5. Qxg5+ Kh8 6. Qg7# 

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    Solved 0:29.

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    solved 0:17

    SCORE: 100%
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    Took me forever to realise that after the king is forced to e8 that the rook on a8 does no longer protect the other one. Didn't really see it before the final move and was just guessing the moves till then.

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    Woah, I've never noticed doing a duplicate before.  Apparently I did this 4 years ago, and had something to say about it.  Glad to say I solved it this time.

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    thank you einstein, i really had problems with that line.

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    I'm glad the problem is shortened, I of course would have naturally promoted to a rook. But isn't it technically possible to accept two valid solutionsin the problem?

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    SCORE: 84.7%
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    Problem Rating 2068 (-13) Attempts: 2689
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    1.Qh6 is not right because 1. ... Qb4 can lengthen it too much or even lead to a draw by perpetual check.

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