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    IM Vlad_Akselrod

    3.Bf7 is mate in 6.

    3.Rg5 is mate in 7.

    Why is Rg5 the solution then? Smile

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    Probably because they thought that Rg5 was a faster solution.

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    Dear IMCheap, you are fully right. I'll change the problem.

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    Too bad there's no analysis with this one. I'd really like to check my evaluation of 1..gxf6 2.Qxf6

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    CM ilmago

    I'll add a bit of analysis to answer your question here, Jpatrick:


    1.Nxf6 gxf6 can be met in two strong ways, both Qxf6 and 2.Bxf7 are crushing:

     +-  (9.77): 2.Bxf7+ Rxf7 3.Qxe8+ Kg7 4.Rxc5 Bxc5 5.e5 f5 6.Qc6 Be7 7.Qxa6 f4 8.a4 Rf5 9.Qe6 Rf7 10.a5 h5 11.a6 Bc4 12.Qc6 Bd8 13.e6 Ra7 14.b3 Be2 15.Kb2 Bf6+ 16.c3

     +-  (8.92): 2.Qxf6 Bc4 3.Rxc5 Re6 4.Qf5 Bxb3 5.axb3 Bxc5 6.Qxc5 Rfe8 7.Qa7 R8e7 8.Qe3 Rxe4 9.Qxh6 R4e6 10.Qg5+ Kh7 11.c4 Re5 12.Qf6 R5e6 13.Qf5+ Kg7 14.Qg5+ Kf8 15.h5 f6 16.Qh6+ Kg8

     +/=  (0.44): 2.Qxc5 Bxc5 3.Rxc5 Rxe4 4.Rc6 Rd8 5.Rxf6 Rxh4 6.Rxf7 Rxh1+ 7.Rf1+ Kg7 8.Rxh1 Bg4 9.Kc1 Kg6 10.Re1 Kg5 11.a3 Bf5 12.Ba2 h5


    In words:


    After 1.Nf6+ gxf6 2.Qxf6, white threatens both winning the queen with Rxc5 and mating with 3.Qg6+ Kh8 4.Qxh6 Kg8 5.Rg5#


    If black gives his queen, white will win it with ongoing mating attack, so white will at least win a lot of material there: For example, after


    1.Nf6+ gxf6 2.Qxf6 Bc4 3.Rxc5 Bxc5 4.Bxc4 bxc4 5.Rh3!, the second rook is joining the mate attack, and black keeps losing more material with 5...Bd6 6.Qxd6 ... trying to stop that mate.

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    Hellova complicated problem for a blitz player.  Always look first for forcing moves, such as checks before you look at anything else.

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    I got it but it took me 3:50, so many candidate moves to evaluate.

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    Problem Rating 1604 (-8) Attempts: 5854
    Avg. Time: 1:36 Pass Rate: 52.5%
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    Very tough, glad I got it right.  Requires some deeper positional understanding to see the solution.

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    its a blitz problem and I have to calculate 3 lines 10 deep.....perhaps a head exam is near in the future.....

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    Started taking my time to really see the problem, not worried about running out of time -- and lookee there, my rating's jumped a hundred points in a week!

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