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    very nice and subtle

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    A tasty skewer. I lost a game horribly to one that looked exactly like this, so I would know this one :)

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    Just yesterday (after doing 500 of these tactics) I read a comment on one of these tactics saying that when the last move is displayed it is displayed because it is a poor move / losing move. After 30 seconds of looking on this puzzle I didn't see anything, then I remembered this fact unconsciously when my brain saw the shaded c4 square that the rook was on the turn before. This caused me to look at the rook now on a4 and then realize the solution Be8 winning material, rather than going after the king.

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    Yes, most of the time that will work Smile


    Not always, though!

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    haha solved it without seeing the skewer. I only wanted to bring my rook to b7.

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    i REALLY thought this was a tactic on trying to promote the pawn but as soon as i noticed theres nothing there i noticed the skewer. Solved in 11 secs!

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    SCORE: 100%

    My Score: 1772 (+7)

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