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    The problem here is not  being satisfied with BxR which gives you as far as I can tell, a totally won game. Seeing my time vanishing rapidly I fell for it, there ensued much wailing and gnashing of teeth. The mate is instructive, but this kind of distraction to the main line seems terribly unfair.

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    BxR b8Q is not so clear, since the white knight covers the most dangerous squares.

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    The correct move for black isn't too hard to guess but the calculations behind it are less obvious.   It is worth looking at the source on this one:

    41. b7 Rh2 42. Rc2 Rh1+ 43. Kf2 Rxc2+ 44. Nxc2 Rxb1 45. b8=Q Rxb8

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    If BxR then b7 and black does not have a back rank checkmate while white will promote,two rooks on the 7th rank very strong.Good and easy.

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    SCORE: 92.8%
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    Problem Rating 2073 (-16) Attempts: 2884
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    if we see the B+R pattern on h1 its easy

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    The thing here is after Rh2 all problem are solve and it will be a clean win for black..  Rh1 is the treat and the only move that can save white is to give up the material such as Rc2 or Nc2. example 1.Rh2 Rc2 2.Raxc2 Nxc2 3.Rh1 Kf2 4.Rxb1 stoping b7 from promoting, a clear win for black..

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