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    If you promote to a queen (or rook) then this will pin Black's bishop to his king and leave him with no legal moves. Since he isn't in check, that means it is stalemate and a draw. So White must promote to a knight to prevent this. He can take on c7 next move, after which it's quite easy to win.

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    and promoting to a bishop is useless

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    Why is this rated 148????

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    Why 400 indeed! 

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    Lowest pass rate for a 400. All white's moves are forced up until the last one, so only the promotion and the mate should be included.

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    Definitely more difficult than 400!  Thinking of which piece to promote the pawn into is definitely way beyond the realm of what a beginner should be concerned about, based on 2 facts:

    - beginners rarely see any endgames at all, but the game will be decided much earlier

    - even if you reach an endgame (also as an advanced player), for practical purposes, how many times did you have to NOT promote into a queen?

    Such a low puzzle rating makes absolutely no sense.

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    pass rate of 7.1% but a rating of 400?!
    i think the beginners queened at the end, but still got points for a partially correct answer

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    Revisting this after 4 months and solving it rather quickly. Basically you have to recognize the stalemate / underpromote idea.

    It is a most instructive puzzle, but the rating is still stuck at 400 which is just ridiculous.

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