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    After 11.Ke4 black either mates in 18 more moves with 11...Rh4+ or plays the alternative winning move 11...f5+ which means the puzzle must stop. This is not the most conclusive problem, however high rated players are likely to appreciate how dangerous the final position is for white.

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    Good problem.  The inconclusiveness makes this one a very appropriate training tool. 

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    I got this problem right, but I wish I could take the credit away. I did not calculate the line to the end, so I was really just groping in the dark. This means that in real game I would never have played the first move, unlike the aforementioned and courageous Abhisek2.

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    Uh... I have a correction to make.

    Well to be honest this is just a side variation my engine calculated after the game was finished.

    My opponent actually took the knight on g4, to be mated quickly:

    Qxe4+ Bf4 f5#

    I definitely spent time calculating though. 

    It just looked really good.

    Wow 4 people got it right, that's pretty good.

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    Amazingly after 1 ambiguous move that meant the puzzle had to stop, the puzzle re-starts with every move in the diagram below being the only winning move (excluding repetition moves where the computer gives an evaluation of zero). It is the lack of a nice tactical start, the alternative repetition moves and again a not very conclusive finish that prevented me making the puzzle below into another TT problem.

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    Ten moves for both sides? Even Fritz would find this one tricky. I would prefer short, difficult tactics.

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    Fritz takes ~1-2 minutes for it, not as fast as other engines.

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    Ick! dropped below 2400.

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    Ick! dropped below 2300.

    I think someone is spreading around the answer to everyone!

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    Whoa, 2376 now. This problem is inconsistent.

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    9 out of 10 - missed the last move! A really nice puzzle.

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    ok, that just proves powerlevel's hypothesis.

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    yes! above 2400 again! Fools! LOL.

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    not you... the people who failed it. LOL I was just kidding about that.

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    7...Rxh3 draws too. I dont see what is wrong with it

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    check with engine. Black has a win!.

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    After kingxg4 why not f5 isn't that mate?

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    @misterchocolate in the game my opponent mistakenly took on g4, I mated him pretty.

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    FM The_Evil_Ducklings

    Hmm, run of the mill mate in 28! This is the deepest sequence I have ever seen on Tactics Trainer

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    mate in 28? hmm..Yeah when I played this game in online chess it was fascinating, however my opponent blundered by taking the knight on g4 and ran into engine took a long time to find the winning sequence when it analyzed it after the game.

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