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    easy problems.

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    I tried taking the rook first.  It looks like that wins me a pawn after trading rooks and bishops but winning the hanging bishop for free is better.

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    I love it and hate it when I find the answer to my own question that I wanted to comment.

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    The first move TT makes is often too fast and I don't get to see if it grabbed a piece or just made a move. I thought it grabbed a knight, so taking with bishop would not be good enough. I've seen other websites slowing down the speed of the first move to help user see better.

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    What other websites?

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    thanks! gameknot also has tactics under "more"

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    Me too. I thought it grabbed a piece. Changes your way of thinking in the short amount of time you get to see the board and make your decision.

    The average time is 15 seconds. That's absurd. What can you learn from a game you're not really playing and that much time to make a move. If I was in on this game I would know how many pieces I was up or down.

    This should be knocked down to a lower rating level, so the time would be higher. If I'm playing the game, of course I would take the bishop. If I take any time to really examine the board that was just thrown in front of me, I'm going to lose points to those that make quick moves off of reflex.

    Tactic trainer doesn't really teach you to think. Where am I going to find myself in a situation where I run across a random game and have to quickly make the best move possible.

    Plus, people may have distractions at home. Doorbell/phone rings, etc. The timer should be taken out completely for scoring purposes since solving it matters the most. Being rushed to solve it, leads to you making thoughtless moves, and what do you learn from that anyway?

    Everyone ability to make the best move isn't going to skyrocket if everyone can be allowed to think at their own speed. Their ability will increase because they are allowed to think about the problem.

    I have no idea why this site thinks that you learn better this way, when mine and most others' ratings have been stagnant over the years.

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    Maybe we should have a "pause" option for when the doorbell rings!Undecided

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    I do have issues with some puzzles that offer no more than a hanging piece as a Tactic, but speed is not one of them,

    the speed offered here is fairly justifiable, as compared to other chess puzzle sites,

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    cmon admin see the efforts put in by chessplayer11,hes partly right in his statements cmon he deserves a reply for the big post hes written,and if possible a change in the tts timer would be appreciated

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    mistake by the opponent, opting to go down 3 points in material instead of 2 (by exchanging rook for bishop) or 0 (by simply moving the rook).

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    biljith wrote:

    cmon admin see the efforts put in by chessplayer11,hes partly right in his statements cmon he deserves a reply for the big post hes written,and if possible a change in the tts timer would be appreciated

    that one statement by chesstopia made more sense than chessplayer11 elongated efforts, and should serve as a deserved response,

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    you welcome, chesstopiaCool!

    but it's looks like I've upset poor little chessplayer11's itsy bitsy feelings (and possibly cognotive skills), 

    Tongue Out

    and I can't send him trophies = dang!

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    Pretty simple but I can see that it is easily missed.

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    Both chesstempo and gameknot have no timer on their tactics trainers.

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    SCORE: 100%
    My Score: 1354 (+14)Laughing
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    Like others I too don't focus on the first move and don't see if a piece has been captured or not. In this puzzle, I didn't see the 'backward" move of my bishop. I always look for forward moves and need to consider backward type moves more. Of course backward in the sense of visualizing board, as opposed to a backward move which isn't aggressive or othewise poor.

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    chesstempo puzzles show the first move very slowly so you know exactly what has been moved and what has been captured. I am fed up with two lame excuses:

    1. You can see the highlighted squares to know what has been moved. Yes, but what if I didn't pay enough attention to know what has been captured?

    2. There are multiple correct answers therefore puzzle must end. BS. If your own game isn't all forcing moves, rebuild your puzzle system to handle multiple correct moves. The whole point of chess is making correct choice(s) within an always limited set of options.

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