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    I was playing for the draw.

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    Yes!! Did it!

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    Very nice position. Of course black king is stuck in the corner, but I cannot see any mate. I played correctly until move 4th - just played 4.Nf3 instead of 4.Kf7!! followed by Kg8, Nf7 checkmate. Amazing!

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    Why does black play Kh6 after Ng5+, when calculating I expected black to go Kg8 -- after which I could no longer see a forced win.

    So I went for the draw.. :( 

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    Answering myself: because Kg8 is also a win for white. After Kxg6 white puts the knight on f3, and then eats up all the black pawns.

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    very nice tactic

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    gosh that was somewhat easy! I saw Kf7-g8 idea on the very beginning but it didn't work. So I forgot it and found best practical solution. With N on g5 it all suddenly worked so I returned to the idea :)

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