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About me

Ahmad Alkhatib , 23 years old.

Professional chess player, and Coach .

Playing experience

International Master
Champion of Arabs youth 2015 Under 20
3rd place over Arabs countries 2016
Champion of Jordan 2016
Played in the last Olympiad Baku 2016
Dubai open many times
Asian Olympic indoor Games in Turkmenistan 2017
Champion of Jordan 2018
Participate in the 43rd Batumi / Olympiad

Teaching experience

3 years of coaching

Other experiences

University student, English and Literature major, last year before graduating.

Best skills

Openings: (Kings Indian Defense, Accelerated dragon, Trompovsky, and Many others)
Understanding Middle games (Interesting ideas)
Important Endgame positions (Coherent way of thinking)

Teaching methodology

Welcome to my coaching page, I am not only a coach I am an active player too. That means I know what a player needs which is of course YOU. Firstly, I will figure out the problem. Secondly, we together will work to solve it. Me, I am an energized coach, I literally love teaching chess, and I am friendly too. Our lesson will be a question-answer based. I am not the only one who will talk, your voice has to be heard. After each lesson you will have your "homework" that focuses on what we covered and keeping the lessons as a one chain.