16 year old chess enthusiast. This game is my passion and I dream to one day achieve the title of Grandmaster. Right now my goal is 2200 USCF so I can obtain the national master title. I'm currently sitting around 1300 with over 30 tournaments played.

My other dream is to become a chess coach and help pass on my knowledge of the game to others. If anyone is in need of lessons message me on or email me at and I will offer 1 free of charge as I'm trying to build up my coaching skills. 

Shoutout to my school chess club members Gabriel Borrero, John Maynor, Ayden Sander, Eli Martinez, and Jake Milligan. You guys are some of my best friends in the world and continue to encourage me to play the game. 

Special thanks to my grandparents, Coach Zagal, Mr Chapman, and Louis Reed. You guys have inspired me to become better as a player and as a person.

Formally @Tamal3GuyV3