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31 years old, Pro Chess Player and Entrepreneur. I started playing chess when I was 8 years old as a hobby to bond more with my father. I liked playing my dad and learning about the game, so when I got to school I found out that same year there was a chess club available, so instead of physical sports I played chess, the best sport there is. I could not make it to my very first national tournament due to my inexperience and not being good enough, so my whole next summer out of school I practiced with my dad from 7am (he would wake me up - _ - ) until 12 noon everyday until I went back to school.

You can guess what happened when I got back that next semester, I was the best player on the team, and under the tutelage of the late Harold Steen we took our middle school to a few state championships.

That was my spark of "wow" in chess, where it all started. I grew a very strong connection to the game and it has changed my life today. Now a Master Jedi, I am competing in tournaments around the US, searching for my International Master and Grandmaster Titles.

I reached the National Master title in 2009, a year before I graduated from High School. Currently an FM, FIDE Master, and chasing my norms and reaching the Grandmaster Title. With hard work, dedication, and motivation, you can succeed at any and everything. Accepting new students! Send me a message. 

We treat chess like school with notes and homework after every lesson


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