I am @hypercard, a friendly person who lives in London (UK). I enjoy playing chess, and spend way too much time on this site! My other hobbies include mathematics and playing the guitar.

In addition to playing blitz (and occasionally other time controls), I run a club called Cretaceous Chess that currently has 260+ members. I am also super admin in many other clubs - I think clubs are a great way to connect with others and share chess knowledge!

I would be happy to accept any challenge that is sent to me - it's an opportunity to play more chess! Feel free to send me a challenge at any time and I will try to accept it within a few days. 

Also please go ahead and send me a friend request! I will likely accept! Pertaining to club invites, I may join if you can convince me. However, do not expect me to just mindlessly hit the "Join" button if you send me one (I also am in way too many clubs right now). I get many alerts/messages/notifications every day, and I don't check them all carefully. I may have missed yours - so you can try to reach out to me using chat as well.

NOTE: I recently left a lot of clubs. Please feel free to message me for more details. However, the answer will likely be "I didn't think your club was active enough and I was contributing to it." After all, if I can't contribute to the club, there is no point of me being in it. Thanks.

That's really all about me. I'll dedicate the rest of my profile below to some of my good friends on chess.com.

@ScatteredWealth is a really great friend who owns the club The Puzzle Patzers. He really invests a lot of time into managing the club and making sure that it is running well. Currently, it is over 600 members - and I certainly can't match up with the growth of his club! 

He also has an amazing blog where he makes extremely detailed puzzle guides. Go check it out!

@ChessPawn921 is another one of my friends who owns the club The Chess Special Forces. He's a good manager, and he keeps the club active. He also (will be running) the Club Wars league for the 2023 events, and I'm grateful that I can participate in them. 

@ant is another person who isn't an ant but is good at vote chess and daily matches. He helped us out in a few tight spots in our matches, so I owe him a mention!

@Gandalf is the owner of multiple clubs as well. Like the others, he commits time and dedication to them - but his clubs often have a different spin on them and are often inspired by LOTR lore! They are Chess Nerds 101, Team Gandalf, and The Hoplites (his newest one).

We also co-run The Sign of the Four league, which participates in a wealth of different events. Join us if you are a club owner!

That's about it for my profile! If I didn't mention you in the list, please tell me!

Bye! @hypercard