Hi everyone! My name is Isaac Geoffrey, and I'm a homeschooled high school graduate. I work at home. I am a Jewish follower of the Messiah Yeshua (see below for more info!). I play chess (duh! tongue.png), am a Top Blogger for chess.com, play the guitar, and am interested in Creation Apologetics. Oh, and I like Star Wars--can you tell?

Although I am a member of several Christian groups, I am not myself a Christian. I am a Jewish follower of Messiah. I serve my Master Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah wholeheartedly. I believe that He is the Son of God, and the Savior of the world--no one can have their sins washed away and be given eternal life except through Him, by way of His sacrifice on the Tree. He is fully man, but fully God. He is the Word incarnate.

But I also stand strong in my identity as a Jew, and I am proud to be a Jew. I recognize that Yeshua was a Jew, and brought salvation to the Jew first. I recognize that God gave a special calling to the people of Israel, and that His covenant with them has not changed or ended. To be clear, I do not look down on anyone for not being Jewish. On the contrary, I love all my Christian brothers and sisters regardless of their ethnicity, because God called and redeemed us all, making us into His one Body. Most of my closest friends are not Jewish.

I know some could possibly be offended that I make this distinction. That is not my intention. In fact, I earnestly desire unity in the Body. But I feel that recognizing my Jewish identity and its importance is necessary according to the Word, so I wanted to take the time to explain it.