My chess story in a nutshell

When I was around 12, which would be 1969, I got into chess in a big way. It only lasted about three years, but I did play in a few NYC tourneys, and reached USCF 1335.  At age 15 I left to pursue other interests (Ultimate Frisbee, culminating in being on a world championship team in 1990 in Oslo, but that's a different story).

During those years, I think well over 95% of my games were 1 e4 e5 (hey, it was good enough for Bobby Fischer), and probably almost all of those were Ruy Lopez -- whether I was playing white or black.  (I see they call it the Spanish Game now?)

Late last year -- so this is 48 years later -- I saw Queen's Gambit, which rekindled my interest, and in February discovered Things have sure changed in a half-century! On-line games, chess engines, it's all new to me. But I'm having a great time -- and learning a ton of openings that I've never played before. I've got a lot to catch up on . . . and I'm having fun.

On Discord, I am nova_chess_guy