I am a founding member and admin of the DHLC (Dan Heisman Learning Center). And I am the founder and superadmin of the Slow Chess League. Join us for G/45+5 and G/45+45 live club tournaments.


Recommended Chess Books (list in progress - up to intermediate):

FCO Fundamental Chess Openings - Van Der Sterren

Learn Chess Tactics - Nunn

Chess Middlegames: Essential Knowledge - Averbakh

Winning Chess Strategy for Kids - Coakley

Winning Chess Exercises for Kids - Coakley

Chess Strategy Workbook - Bardwick

A Guide to Chess Improvement - Heisman

The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played - Chernev

Silman's Complete Endgame Course - Silman

The Chess Steps series - Rob Brunia and Cor van Wijgerden


Other good books:

Is Your Move Safe? - Heisman

Looking for Trouble - Heisman

Predator at the Chessboard 1+2 - Farnsworth

Back to Basics: Tactics - Heisman

Power Chess for Kids 1+2 - Hertan


Recommended Android Software:


PGN Master

Chess King software (huge selection of mostly great titles)

SCID on the Go



Analyze This

Follow Chess

Chess Tutor (a version of Chess Steps)

Learn Chess Programs:

Chess Steps (book series)

Chess Tutor by Shredder (for PC)