I had learned how the pieces moved probably when I was around 12. I had gotten a chess set for Christmas. Played sporadically for most of my life. Never studied anything about the game except for a few cool checkmates that I learned (after they were played on me!) So when I turned 59 I considered myself still new to the game - When somehow I found the site and joined. I started to play regularly (mostly correspondance because of my work schedule). For some reason, I got bit by the chess bug - and I feel in love with the game. Shame it didn't happen 50 years ago but that's life, I guess! Now I just turned 61 a few month's ago and I'm still studying chess.

I studied with Kairav Joshi (GeniusKJ) - who I consider an excellent chess instructor and now I'm just starting to study positional chess with another fine chess instructor - Spochman! My rating has been slowly improving as I continue to learn new things and I still love to learn and play chess whenever time allows.