Guys here's a few badges I have, after those badges is my full description of life and so on.

GLORY TO VIZEISM AND PEACEFUL REDPAWN! (This is roleplay from a club)

Hello my name is Tomi Emilov Traykov, I am 13 years old and I often play chess. You might have seen me around in forums and clubs because of the ongoing civil war in a club called red pawn.

Nationality: Bulgarian

Place I was born in: Belgium

Place I live in: Strasbourg

Gender: Boy


Best Friends/Gigachads:

@panzer115: Best friend on, I can always trust him. Saved all clubs from the redpawn empire! Thank you for all the help dude! And now he dissepeared. @Sturmmorserwagen115 is his new account, I believe.

@Isengard1: One of my best friends! Thank you for everything, comrade. Thank you for all of the support. There are wayyy to many things I should thank you for!

Friends/honorable mention:

@BananaPeelEater: Great friend with whom I like to talk, I am SA in her club the bananas

@The-Captain-Jack-Sparrow: That's the best pirate I have ever seen

@Tal: A fellow communist comrade, exactly like me! We will overthrow 2SetViolin soon!

@AngelicNightcore: A good friend that supported me in redpawn.

@Eclipsiaaa: Good friend to who to talk : ) Now is gone, @A-Lonely-Iris is her new acc.

@Venti3733: ~ehe

@Mugo345: A good friend to talk with. About Star Wars III high ground memes especially.

@Colonel-Ghaddafi: Good friend who helped me in redpawn!

@LegionarySoldier: Trustworthy SA in redpawn and bluepawn.

@Rapszodia: Ex-opposition leader of redpawn, took over redpawn and caused the war, but really he was not that bad and not even worse than me. He was apart of the Anti-Communist League of Whitepawn (ACLW) but is now back into my friend list after a cooldown between the two and the official shift in power. 


@Panzer115: Best friend. I will never forget you man... All what we did thoghether! (Yay he is back! And he was banned again.)

@krashtarsta: The real krash. The best one. The og one. Rip og krash.

@KrashVerII: Was good until he was closed for fair play. RIP good krash.

@Joeltuininga: Rest in peace. Badass bro. Maybe made some mistakes but he was important no matter what.

Ennemies/unhonorable mention:

@Davman123: Banned everyone in redpawn.

Pfp history:

1. OG Playmobil Pirate pfp

2. Redpawn original pfp:

3. Canary Islands Countryball

4. Lenin

Anime Girl generation. 

More coming soon!

Here are the clubs I am owner of, could you join them please?

1. Pawn Airport: