Welcome to 4teamchess International. I am Jim Yeatrakas and you have made the first step toward helping us complete the largest online chess tournament in the World. chess.com has officially recognized my competitive event, to the extent they will award 4 diamond memberships to the top four players on our leaderboard. 

How do you get on the leaderboard?

You just play the normal matches that chess.com pairs you with in rapid matches. The results of those matches are sent to us and we will average 7 matches. Then when we run the competition, we take the last 6 matches and then your most recent match and average those 7. 
We make 4 person teams based on the sort of the roster, based on the players' current rating. All the teams will be equal based on the sum of each team members rating. There will be a novice, 2 intermediate and an advanced player on every team. 
A 'score' is determined by comparing the starting average against the current average of a player. That 'score' is added to the total team score and compared to all the other teams. 
Individuals are awarded points based on how the team placed against all the other teams. 
It is unique and unusual as there are no other events like it in the chess community. Here is a recent leaderboard and also a look at the final winners of a daily competition that determines those points:

and what the winners roster looks like: