Chexx Pistols

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11 iyl 2021
299 Events Played

Hello! happy

Our club, the Chexx Pistols, is a band of fellow chess enthusiasts like yourself, who welcome players of ALL ratings. Hey, we'll even accept you if you're a Grand Master! wink

Are you an advanced player? Great! Planning on becoming one? We can help! Or perhaps, you just want to casually practice your chess moves with a group of helpful new friends. Well, we have great news… WE WANT YOU!  grin

COME JOIN US TODAY! Not sure? Then stop by and see our active club, games and awesome members.

It'll only take a minute and visitors are ALWAYS welcome! Click the link below to check us out... we think you'll like what you see. happy

Thank you for your time and interest! 

With warmest wishes,
Sir Reggie Pith, Admins and Coordinators of the mighty Chexx Pistols Chess Club