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Jun 17, 2021
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Aug 31, 2020
Aug 31, 2020
sry guys i haven't been on in a while but @danielcharatyan no ads plz
New Match

New Match

gocapitals | 18 iyl 2020
Hi under 1600 rated daily Click Here.
New Vote Chess

New Vote Chess

gocapitals | 16 iyl 2020
Any member can join here: Thx
New Daily Match

New Daily Match

gocapitals | 8 iyl 2020
Hello club members. 500-2000 rated  daily please click here Its is against our partner club. If you would like to join the match for our club but are already in Golden Chess Fighters, you can leave their club, join the match, and then rejoin their club. Thx.
Daily Match

Daily Match

gocapitals | 7 iyl 2020
Hello club members. thank you for your support in vote chess and in general through the process of building a fun, successful club. We now have a new match that we need members in: Plz join thx . Also feel free to join our other matches. The start date is in like 10 days but i recommend joining soon. Thx.
Vote Chess Match

Vote Chess Match

gocapitals | 6 iyl 2020
Hello club members. We need members to join our vote chess match. For those who don't know how it works, when its your teams turn you vote for a move by making that move on the board. The move with the most votes is your clubs move. we need all the help we can get!