Shanghai Sizzle
A team dedicated to the exploration of a defensive system uncovered in ancient Persian texts from the 7th century. The scrolls describing this fabled system that were believed to have been lost in the Muslim sacking of the Library of Alexandria were found 3 years ago by Stanford professor Leica Tiplich in a Syrian alleyway shop selling artifacts of dubious legality. This same professor happens to be a friend of mine and has agreed to give me time with her painstaking translation and copies of diagrams from these scrolls before they are made public. In the brief amount of time I have had with this work I have only begun to comprehend the genius of this system and it's author, and am convinced that when it is released we will see a revolution in the chess world. Join me, learn this system and you will be at the forefront of this revolution. The translation I have received titles this work Shangai Sizzle.