The Empire Of Assassins

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11 iyl 2012
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You are invited to become part of The Empire Of Assassins!

       "Out of the dark, you come into the light. From the light, you will return to the dark. Are you prepared to travel the eagle's path?"

Only the best of the best became assassins. Members responsible for performing important assignments were extensively trained not only to be masters of combat, but also to be masters of the mind. Many of the assigned tasks required extremely meticulous planning and adaptability to avoid enemy security and get close to targets. The assassins also had to be both young and in their physical prime, in order to stealthily and quickly perform physical actions on their missions. 

           Are you willing to take up the fight?  


We also participate in the following leagues.

Team Match Champions League, Knockout Champions League, Knockout Vote Chess Championships, Club Chess Tour Championships, 1 World League, 1WL Vote Championships plus many more including many team matches against the best groups on this site!

Plus our own annual Assassins Championship!

The Empire Of Assassins is an invitation ONLY group or you can apply for acceptance through the normal channels.

Requirements needed to join this group!

You must be a member of for at least 3 months! 

Have played a minimum of 10 on-line daily games! 

Your timeout percentile is between 0 and 10%! 

Cheats are not welcome into this group! 

Have fun stay safe and god bless!