Hi!! Welcome to  The Golden Chess Club 

Golden ways for golden people.


To be the best chess players you need

  • Tactics
  • Lessons
  • Openings
  • Practice 

This club would provide these everything for free !


There are many tournaments in this club.So you don't need to find any other place 

  • Weekly Club tournaments and special prizes for winners
  • Puzzle Rush Championship 
  • Crazies Tournament
  • Live960 Tournament 
  • 3 Checks Tournaments
  • Best Article Tournament 
  • Chess World Cup

Improve your chess with our club 

  • We Analysis your game which you asked us and spot the topic in which you're weak and recommend you some free lessons,articles,videos based on that.
  •  Free 25 puzzles a day  
  • Premium winners in games
  • Weekly Gifts 
  • and many more 

Have fun 

  • Forums based on your interests 
  • Funny Quizzes 
  • Chess Quiz
  • and many more....

So, you found a correct place to learn,,excel and have fun 

Join our club !! It's free and worthy happy.png






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